Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Web teams - the essential skills

What makes a good web team? One that covers all the bases in the development and management of a user-focused website? Jesse James Garrett has a model which works for both small and large teams as he focuses on key skills - his 9 pillars - which can be covered by one or more members of a multi-disciplinary team.

I first came across this through an interview Jesse did with Gerry Gaffney for the UXpod Podcast series. It's an interesting conversation about Jesse's philosophies and how this model came to be. They also discuss Jesse's more famous (and for me, indispensable) model - The Elements of User Experience.

There's also an article to explain the model on Jesse's company website, Adaptive Path.

Web teams - an interview with Jesse James Garrett by Gerry Gaffney for UXPod (MP3 download and audio transcript)

The Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams - article and diagram by Jesse James Garrett

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This, for me, is an essential resource. It forms the root of how I think about website and interface development. I (literally) have it pinned to my wall and share it relentlessly with colleagues.

The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett

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