Tuesday, 10 August 2010

University homepage cartoon commentary

The venn diagram cartoon by xkcd.com week or so ago really caused a stir. I must have received it from 10 different sources. Now there's a commentary article about it on a US higher education professionals' website.

My previous post on the University homepage content cartoon
The xkcd cartoon was particularly apt in skewering three useless but nevertheless common features on a college’s home page... the statement of philosophy, the letter from the president or provost, and the campus news feed. 
The article contains input from a number of sources, including Bob Johnson, an HE marketing specialist who works with Gerry McGovern.

Worth a look, if only to reassure yourself that our American colleagues are up against the same challenges we are in the UK.

No Laughing Matter - article by Steve Kolowich for Inside Higher Ed

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